302/365 Only Sibling Horror Show

My brother is nearly seven years my junior, and we were not close until we both had kids around the same time. I always thought he was a thoughtful, kind, loving person and I was proud of him.

I knew he was a republican and it never mattered. I even, usually, kept my mouth shut when he bashed Barack Obama. I once asked him why he hated Obama so much. He didn’t have an answer.

I worried when I saw he was a member of the tea party movement group on Facebook, but was okay with it thinking that at least he was beginning to be interested in politics.

Then I saw the MAGA paraphernalia at his house. I was astounded and asked if he was serious. He was, but could not explain why.

This past weekend he reacted to two extremely not-funny things I posted on FB with a laugh icon.

We’re through on Facebook. I can’t deal anymore.