302/365 Only Sibling Horror Show

My brother is nearly seven years my junior, and we were not close until we both had kids around the same time. I always thought he was a thoughtful, kind, loving person and I was proud of him.

I knew he was a republican and it never mattered. I even, usually, kept my mouth shut when he bashed Barack Obama. I once asked him why he hated Obama so much. He didn’t have an answer.

I worried when I saw he was a member of the tea party movement group on Facebook, but was okay with it thinking that at least he was beginning to be interested in politics.

Then I saw the MAGA paraphernalia at his house. I was astounded and asked if he was serious. He was, but could not explain why.

This past weekend he reacted to two extremely not-funny things I posted on FB with a laugh icon.

We’re through on Facebook. I can’t deal anymore.

3 thoughts on “302/365 Only Sibling Horror Show

  1. This must be so hard for you. My sisters and I were talking recently on how much a “blessing” it was that my father passed away before this era of Trump, because it would have gutted us emotionally to see him (perhaps) go down that path. He was already falling into the Fox News cesspool.

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