310/365 Honeymoon

Two months after our wedding, Dean and I went on a 7-week European honeymoon. We started out in England (London, Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon, Yorkshire), then Scotland (Edinburgh), Ireland (Dublin, Galway), France (Calais, Paris, Versailles), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Denmark (Copenhagen, Odense), Germany (Munich, Freiburg, Bremen), Switzerland (Basel), Italy (Milan, Como) then back to London. This trip was Dean’s first overseas adventure. I remember it as fun, exciting, scary and exhausting.

2 thoughts on “310/365 Honeymoon

  1. Seven weeks. Now that’s a honeymoon! How fabulous. You covered a lot of the ground we covered on our first trip to Europe (six weeks for me, more for the husband), minus Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark. And yes, exhaustion is also the mark of a longer tour like this.


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