317/365 Elgin



I was born and raised in a town once known for condensed milkbutterwatchmaking and a mental health asylum. It is now known for its riverboat casino and street sweepers. It wasn’t a bad place to grow up. It had green spaces, a decent downtown until the malls lured shoppers away. The school district was fine, even stellar, when I was a student.

So why did I choose to leave at the first opportunity? That I don’t know, except I wanted out. I had bigger plans than I thought Elgin could provide for. 

More thoughts here.

The year I was born

2 thoughts on “317/365 Elgin

  1. I really knew it for the watches (and, or course, the general offices of my church denomination!). I’ve only been back once since I lived there 1984–85. Would love to see it again.

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