323/365 Florida

Before I first visited Florida I envisioned long empty highways with cabins along the sides of the roads whose porches held elderly people in rocking chairs. Also Disney World. I was not interested in visiting, but my favorite in-laws lived there and the kids wanted to go to Disney World so we went.

We’ve since been there at least half-a-dozen times and always have a great time.

I now love Florida. We’re going back in February, probably too early to see painted buntings this time though.



3 thoughts on “323/365 Florida

  1. They are gorgeous little creatures; so gorgeous in fact that they look like they have been colorized.

    Florida fascinates me. It sounds like one could throw almost any adjective at it–tacky, fun, full of old farts, sinister, beautiful, redneck, etc. etc.–and they would all stick.


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