328/365 Hitchhiking in Ireland

Three American college students, student teaching in London hopped on a ferry to Dublin with little money and no idea how we were going to travel the country. Train rides were too expensive so we hitchhiked. I don’t remember all the rides but here are a few:

  • The man from Belfast who heard on the news his neighborhood had just been bombed so he dropped us off and went home.
  • The priest who blessed my friend’s rosaries while driving along a highway
  • The truck driver who assumed we had marijuana because we were Americans

Was it safer back then?


2 thoughts on “328/365 Hitchhiking in Ireland

  1. I think we often confuse “ignorance” with “safe.” Although in the 70s and 80s, hitch-hiking was more common, and so probably was safer. My dad would pick up hitch-hikers. He loved talking to them – the further they had come, the better.

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