334/365 Defined by travels

My son and his girlfriend spent over a month in Italy, Spain, and France this past summer and, while they had a great time and told us about their travels, they don’t bring the trip up much. I’ve not heard either of them say, “When we were in Italy…” in conversation.

I, on the other hand, still bring up my time spent in England in conversations. Not so much as I used to, but enough. It became part of the definition of who I was. It made me unique at the time. I now wonder if that was healthy.

5 thoughts on “334/365 Defined by travels

  1. I feel like I was totally defined by my earlier travels. But they are part of such a distant past that I’m embarrassed to speak of them now…except nothing much has happened since then, so what else am I supposed to talk about?

  2. I talk about my travels all the time. All of it is domestic, but off the beaten path for sure. I think it does define me a little bit. I always think it’s weird when someone comes back from someplace exotic (flights to ICeland are very cheap from STL these days and all sorts of friends are taking the plunge but then coming home like eh, no big deal. NO BIG DEAL? Travel is a big deal).

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