349/365 Temporary Cat

A neighbor texted me last week telling me that her son and his partner were visiting this week and the partner was bringing her cat. The cat could not stay with the neighbor because they have a dog that is not used to cats and did I know any local cat boarding companies nearby. I said I never boarded our cats and that I’d be happy to have the cat stay with me for a few days.

It did and we got along. It was nice having a sweet cat who loved being petted but also was not too needy in the house for a while. It left this afternoon and I was a tiny bit sad.

6 thoughts on “349/365 Temporary Cat

  1. What a nice looking cat. I feel the lack of a cat in my life. My dad was a cat hater (even though he had 4 after I left the house), and then my son was born with a cat allergy. Now he’s all grown up, but it turns out my husband (who has never had a cat), considers himself to be a bit of a cat-hater too. Sigh.

  2. What a rare thing to experience a visiting cat. It probably was a bit confounded as to why such a lovely human did not have a permanent cat resident.

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