353/365 Woot Elephant gift exchange

I am an impulse buyer. I used to be disgusted with people who bought things from the home shopping network shows — not understanding why they would do that, but in 2011 when Amazon started a side-venue called MyHabit I found out why.

I’d get an email telling me what was on flash sale on MyHabit and I had a limited amount of time to buy it. Nothing that I bought from MyHabit was something I really needed — and much of it was stuff I definitely didn’t need. I still use a few things from MyHabit, but my life would be less cluttered had I never heard of MyHabit.

When it closed down in 2016 I’d already found Woot.com which is also owned by Amazon. Woot.com is now my impulse buy venue. Of course I need a mirror that, when plugged into a USB outlet turns into an infinity light. And who doesn’t need an around-the-neck cell phone holder? The list goes on. I  have enough shit that I thought would be awesome to own that I can wrap it all up and have my Christmas guests (family and neighbors) play that game where you steal each other’s gifts.

That’s one way to get rid of them!

3 thoughts on “353/365 Woot Elephant gift exchange

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  2. I’m laughing. Did you do that?
    Sorting through my mother-in-law’s things, and we are finding numerous things that she ordered off something dastardly called Magna Mail (it was posted) and never opened, or the “free gifts” she got from ordering something else she didn’t need. She rarely went shopping, so maybe this was it for her. Good thing she never got online!


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