355/365 Commercial vs Government work

The consulting company I work for works primarily on government contracts, but a few years ago bought a company that did commercial work. Until this year I only ever worked on government contracts, but I am now about 50% on commercial products.

I don’t like the commercial work. I like the people I work with, more or less, but not the clients. They are difficult to please and expect us to read their minds. The commercial work for the work I do (accessibility) is also based on lawsuits whereas the government work has definite guidelines. You know where you stand with government contract work, but not so much commercial work. The work I do is subject to interpretation as it stands, but even more so with commercial work.

Only 696 workdays until I can retire.

2 thoughts on “355/365 Commercial vs Government work

  1. Oh, to have work! I spent the last 20 years working with private sector (commercial or non-profit) organisations, and was with government before that. Government drove me crazy, as they didn’t know what they didn’t know. And now, because I live in a government town, I’d like to work for them again, but they don’t value my private sector experience, which is vastly more useful and varied than if I had stayed in government. Sigh.

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