357/365 Nine for Christmas dinner

Our Christmas dinner was going to be low-key, just the five of us feasting on roast beef (portabello mushrooms for the vegetarian) and Yorkshire pudding, various vegetables and pie for dessert. Then my friend called to tell me she broke her shoulder and she and her family were not going on their planned trip to Mexico after all. Of course I invited them to Christmas dinner. It will be nice having a crowd for Christmas — we always had a houseful when Christmas was at my parents’ house. This way I get turkey as well as roast beef — another memory from the old days.

They’ll make the vegetables, a relish, and roast the turkey breast (or smoke it) and I’ll do everything else.

This is one time I was right in overbuying — I only needed 6 Christmas crackers, but I bought 12 fancy ones and 12 less than fancy ones.