359/365 Merry Christmas

I hope your Christmas was as nice as mine. It was wonderful having the kids+1 home and it was enjoyable having our neighbors over for dinner. The Woot Elephant Gift exchange game was a hit and we all had a good laugh. The one item that I hoped would stay at home did (a knife sharpener that I thought Dean would complain about because we own a knife sharpener — the long honing type).

The food was good, but a chore to make a huge meal for 9 (including a vegetarian). According to my Fitbit I logged over 10,000 steps without leaving the house.

Only 365 days until next Christmas.

4 thoughts on “359/365 Merry Christmas

  1. Mine was definitely nice. Nicer than nice, in fact. As a lover-of-Christmas I sometimes feel in the minority, but it sounds like we may be kindred spirits in this respect (loving Christmas).

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