361/365 De-Christmasing

Except for the nearly empty box of Christmas crackers and two boxes full of candy canes that sit on the chair in the corner, it looks as if it Christmas never happened in our house.

Yesterday I was determined to take down all the decorations and did so while singing De-Christmasing, De-Christmasing, de-chris-chris-chris-chris-Christmasing,” to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree.”

Dean put the furniture back in its rightful places and all is well in the world.

4 thoughts on “361/365 De-Christmasing

  1. I, on the other hand, try to drag out the Christmas feeling as long as possible by leaving up my lights until February or March.

    As an aside, I feel like candy canes are one of the worst things ever created. Does anyone actually like the taste of them?

    • I’m with Helen. I was away for two weeks, so feel short-changed that I couldn’t enjoy my lovely Christmas tree for very long this year. Though will take my tree down tonight because 12th-day-and-stuff.

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