364/365 In appreciation

When Maureen suggested we reconvene for a 365 blogging challenge I was delighted to be included, especially since I’d not finished the original 365 blog challenge from 2007. I missed reading Helen’s words and had fallen so far behind in Bridgett’s regular blog that I could no longer access it. I’d also fallen behind reading Kate’s 153 blog and only occasionally read Susan’s. I think the only blog I’d pretty much kept up on was Linda’s — although I rarely commented there. I was still writing in my blog, but nothing at all interesting except to me.

So thank you, Maureen for suggesting we do this. I am sad it is about to end, but grateful I will have time to read almost everyone’s words elsewhere. Helen, I wish you would consider blogging now and then, because you make me laugh. Kate, Linda, and Susan, I see you on Facebook, but will definitely make more time to read what you write. (Actually it is Google’s fault I stopped reading the blogs regularly because they closed down their RSS feed aggregator that I relied on.) Bridgett, if you still blog somewhere, let me know where and how to read it. Maureen — do you blog somewhere? And Kim  —  I am so happy to have met you through this challenge. I am in awe of your writing. I hope you write more on Root Fences so I can read your words in the future.

As this year ends I wish you all a wonderful next year. May your muses visit you often.