59/365 Glass wine stopper

Two years ago I ordered a bottle of wine at my favorite Italian restaurant in Olympia, Washington and was surprised that the “cork” was made of glass. It’s a small pleasure, but I delight in using it to cork my bottles of wine at home. I still buy that wine whenever I visit Clare in Olympia, then give the stoppers away.



58/365 Work Computer

Two years ago I thought I needed a “work horse” instead of a manageable-sized laptop so I requested an upgrade at work and the request was granted. As soon as I picked it up (in both senses) I regretted my decision. This thing weighs almost 9 lbs. I requested a smaller model yesterday afternoon. I won’t miss the old one at all.

57/365 Dona at Stonehenge

Because I was there and I have seen the photograph that this painting is based on, I never thought that I looked like an alien until someone pointed it out to me. I was just happy that I could cross “be painted by an artist” off my to-do list. This hangs in the guest room. I hope it doesn’t create nightmares.


54/365 Grandma’s Mirror

Aunt Ginny gave me a mirror that belonged to her mother. I’ve always avoided looking into it, thinking I may see the face of my grandmother peering back out at me. I imagine that, not so many years from now, that will be the case. I already see my mom when I look in a mirror, it will be Grandma soon.


53/365 Girl’s head vase

When the neighbors asked me to check their mailbox while they were away I had every intention of doing so but must have been into a good book. I asked Kevin if he would do it and promised him whatever I received for the job. Imagine my ten-year-old brother’s disappointment when the flower arrangement in the girl’s head vase was delivered.



52/365 Windows

We were clients from hell when we were shopping for a house in Bethesda. We toured scores of houses and found nothing we liked until we walked into the back room of the house on Hoover Street. “This is the one,” I said to Dean. He agreed. It was the wall of windows that sold us. We stopped looking that day.



50/365 Grandma’s Lamp

This lamp used to be in the spare bedroom off the dining room in Grandma Green’s Elgin house. Mom got it when my grandparents moved to Chetek. Mom gave it to me because she knew I loved it, even though it was broken. The lamp repairman said he’d seen a lot of lamps in his career but never one like this.

47/365 Political Decanters

My brother doesn’t understand my political beliefs and I certainly don’t understand his. After the disastrous election of 2016 we decided to not talk politics with each other. These elephant and donkey decanters belonged to our Grandma and Grandpa Green. We found them at Mom’s when we were clearing out and I insisted Kevin take the elephant and I take the donkey.

46/365 Doilies

“When you get married I will crochet you doilies too,” whispered ninety-five year-old Great Grandma Nielsen to twelve year-old me. I remember thinking that she thought she was going to live a very long time. While she died well before I married, I didn’t miss out on her crocheted doilies. I found a boxful in Mom’s attic.

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44/365 4000 Books

For a school assignment when the kids were in grade school we counted all the books in our house. The result was close to 4000. That’s a lot but this included hundreds of picture books that the kids eventually grew out of and were given away. We’re down to less than half that now and some of our bookshelves look depressingly empty.

43/365 Gourd Cat with Mouse

Neal and Marie received it as a wedding present then they gave it to us then we gave it to my mom. Mom kept it next to her pretend fireplace. We brought it back home, ostensibly for Andrew, but grew attached to it as it crouched on the hearth in the living room. Is the mouse a friend or future snack?



40/365 Mad Men Glassware

Until I watched the television series Mad Men I didn’t give these glasses a second thought. While these Libbey® Silver Leaf Frosted lowball glasses may not have made an appearance on the show, their (now faded) silver trim reminded me of the glassware on the show. I do remember them making appearances at Mom and Dad’s Mad Men era parties though.


39/365 Eight Hobo Juice Glasses

Family legend is that during the depression one of Dad’s uncles was homeless. He was also an etcher of glass and if someone let him stay the night in their home he’d give them an etched juice glass as a way of saying thanks. Mom and Dad ended up with a set of 8 of these tiny, beautiful glasses. One remains unetched.


37/365 Weapon

My mom somehow came into the possession of a beautiful antique walking-stick. It is made out of strong metal and wrapped in leather. I thought it was just an old walking stick until I googled it. It turned out to be an “iron & stacked leather self-defense walking-stick”. She once told me that Larry gave her a weapon. This must be it.


35/365 LG G6

This object is rarely more than 5 feet away from me. It is the portal to a large part of my world. It is a window to my past. It entertains me. It alerts me. It guides me. It gives me access to some places. It educates me. It annoys me. Recent studies indicate it probably won’t kill me. It’s my phone.

34/365 Sage with Bird and Staff

A bald, bearded man dressed in a green robe, gripping a staff and carrying a large, long-necked bird stares at me from the wall by the window in my office. Before staring at me he stared at Mom from the wall in her living room. Prior to that he stared at Grandma from dining room walls, first in Elgin, then Chetek.
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33/365 Mystery Sand

20180201_103512A 36 tablet-sized Excedrin® bottle, half-filled with fine-grain sand sits on my desk. Over a month ago I found it in a box of things I wanted to keep. I don’t know where the sand came from. A beach obviously, but which beach and why did I keep it? More importantly, why am I keeping it now, and why on my desk?