186/365 Lost and Found books #2 and #3

Reading as much as I did in my youth, I was bound to have favorites whose titles I would eventually forget. One such book told the story of a girl who looked into a gazing ball and became evil. I thought she had an evil doll named Dido. When the internet finally came along I searched with the keywords “book, doll, dido, gazing ball, evil” but could never find the book I was looking for until one day I found a book called Jane-Emily in which a gazing ball was featured and bought it. It definitely was the book I was looking for, except Dido was not in the book. I searched again, this time just for “book, dido, evil, doll” and found A Candle in Her Room and bought it. Yes, Dido was there and the book, this time, scared the crap out of me. Jane-Emily was not scary at all in comparison.

I bought a gazing ball for my garden around the time I was searching for this book/these books but not a doll named Dido (although the searching introduced me to Dido’s music).