In 2006 I joined a group blogging project where you would write about someone you knew using only the number of words you’d been alive. I am still online friends with several of the participants. A few months ago someone from that project proposed we do it again, but with a different central theme.

We begin January 1, 2018. Be sure to check out the blogroll for the other participants.


Tell us a story over the course of the month – it can be fiction or non-fiction, it can be prose or poetry. It can be a series of haiku if you are so inclined. Just lead us from a beginning through a middle and give us a satisfying ending on January 31.

The word count for this challenge will be a range – from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 words per entry.


Objects. Word count 61


Secrets and Lies. Tell a secret, yours or someone else’s. Tell lies. Who’ll know the difference? Word count 56.


People. Your age.


Thoughts about food in 55 words: food we eat and don’t, food we like and don’t, the place of food in our lives, food with good memories and bad. And maybe we’ll throw in a few drinks, too.


Whining. Word count: up to 100 words.


Books in 20 – 200 words.


This month’s theme is about working within literary forms, with poetry being one of those forms. But there are other options – an attention to form in writing can be simply looking at the outside of the structure of prose or drama, to the lantern that shelters the interior spark. We’ll keep it short this month: 1-100 words maximum.


Songs and/or Dreams in 60 words exactly.

Favorite songs, least favorite songs, ear worms, songs you like to sing, songs you wish you could sing, songs that bring up happy or sad memories, songs from your past, songs from your car, songs you never tire of, songs you love to dance to (or would if you had someone to dance with), ethnic songs, songs you’ve written, why we sing.

Day dreams, night dreams, recurring dreams, nightmares, the hypnagogic state, dreams as in ambitions, dreams that came true, the meaning of dreams, your theory about how we can envision things in dreams we’ve never seen while awake, why we dream. Dreaming: We spend a good chunk of our lives doing it.


Horrors/suspense/scary stuff in 666 characters give or take 5% which, according to Helen, means we can write 633 to 699 character blog  posts, spaces counted or not.


Places in 100 words or less


Free-for-all in as many or as few words as I like.