94/365 Great Grandmother Jessie

Jessie Tyler Green Harris grew up on Highland Avenue, the daughter of a veterinarian and Scottish housewife. She married young, gave birth to my Grandpa Green, divorced the father then married Frank Harris. She posed for several photos. She was struck by a vehicle in the 1940s and perished. Mom remembered her as unhappy. The old photographs tell a different story.

10 thoughts on “94/365 Great Grandmother Jessie

  1. There is something about people staring straight at you through old BW photos – knowing they are long gone, but here they are, looking at you, smiling. And we can’t warn her about the car.

    • Yes, about the divorce. I think hers was only the second recorded in Elgin, but I don’t remember where I read that information.

      Highland Avenue is in Elgin, Illinois where I grew up.

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    • I like to think she was feisty, Helen. I owned a book of hers and felt a kinship with her. When I found the arms akimbo photo I knew we were soulmates across the generations.

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