272/365 Me and My Shadow

After my grandparents moved to Chetek someone gave them a tape recorder and they’d create audio tapes for family. My grandma had a toy organ and their beagle, Chubby, would sing along with her. Ten years ago I converted one of the tapes to .mp3 files and uploaded them to my Clutch Cargo Lips blog. Here’s Me and My Shadow.


6 thoughts on “272/365 Me and My Shadow

  1. This is great. No doubt I told you before that I had a friend with a beagle who did this! So wonderful that you have this recording.

    • Thanks, IB. I thought I lost them because I couldn’t access them with either Chrome or Firefox. They were available using Internet Explorer so I knew they were still on the server. I found the path and downloaded them. Flash sucks.

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