132/365 Penzey’s Spices

In 1991 a neighbor gave me a Penzey’s spice catalog. Then it was made of newsprint with no pictures. After my first shipment I loved the spices so much I never looked back. Today my spice cupboard is overflowing with Penzey’s spices.

I admire owner, Bill Penzey‘s, commitment to integrity and contempt for the current administration.


7 thoughts on “132/365 Penzey’s Spices

  1. Sandwich Sprinkle was included in a gift box I gave my daughter-in-law. I’ll have to see if she has any favorites from that box. Fox Point and Tsar Dust are in my cupboard, along with Brady Street, which has become my favorite thing to put on air-popped popcorn. It contains cheese, but I use it so sparingly it’s not a problem.

  2. Now I’m envying everyone’s spice collections. (Coveting is becoming a problem the deeper we go into the month.)

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