217/365 Iktomi

She sat
while we ate
our salmon
in cream sauce
on the tiny porch.

noticed her first
and politely
addressed her:
have you come
to join us
for dinner?”
Chask’e provided
her name: Iktomi,
and told us
a Lakota story
about her exploits.

The following evening
after a dinner
not on the tiny porch
a visiting friend
noticed Iktomi
when he
opened the door.
Not knowing our history
with the spider
and because it was
large and
hairy and
a spider,
he squished her and
loudly and proudly announced:
“I killed a huge wolf spider!”

5 thoughts on “217/365 Iktomi

  1. Tonight a wolf spider died because he walked on my arm. I felt guilt, but only after being submerged in total blind panic at the sight of him skittering down my wrist. So I understand, and pity, your friend. That you named her, such a wonderful name, speaks volumes. You may do better than me in the afterlife.


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