237/365 his gift to me was the absence of cigarettes in his life

my son gave me a wonderful gift
for my birthday. he told me he’d quit

when i’d learned
his sister smoked i didn’t
handle it
well in fact i was
scary if not verbally abusive.
by the time
i learned my son smoked i realized
i couldn’t change it.

she stopped
on her own because she
realized it was disgusting.
(and maybe because
of me)

he stopped
for several
reasons, but his partner
told me #1 was because
i hated it.

i know I handled it better
with him
than her and i detected
that resentment
when she
and i texted
his quitting late
last night.

6 thoughts on “237/365 his gift to me was the absence of cigarettes in his life

  1. At least they’ve stopped. My elder sister, one heart attack later, still smokes. And tells herself and others lies about when she started (but I remember). It’s not something I can ever discuss with her. Nor could my parents. It’s very hard to know what might help and what might not – and every smoker is different too.

  2. I love the title – “his gift to me was the absence”…immediately it caught me, and I thought, “That’s a strange gift, a negation.” Such a great Mother-Daughter story here, even though the poem pretends to be about your son. Like the rest, hope not smoking sticks for both of them!

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