287/365 Reno Cemetery

Fifteen years ago, the kids and I, while visiting friends in Lake Tahoe, took a side trip to Reno, Nevada where we visited a local cemetery. It was very old and extremely “Western”.

I took dozens of photos at the cemetery, having just got my first digital camera. One photo stood out from the rest when I opened it on my computer. It is of a bleached-from-age fallen tree near a fenced-off grave with what seems like mist hovering over the grave in three spots.

The photos I took just before that and just after that show no mist, so it was not caused by smudges on the lens of the camera. It was not a misty day, nor was it at all windy, so I don’t think it was dust. I don’t know what it was, but that photo haunted me enough to never leave it on my computer.

Here is the photo. What do you think? Mist? Dust? Smudge? Spirit?