320/365 Los Angeles

We spent the summer of 1984 in Los Angeles while Dean did an internship in Santa Monica. While I am glad for the experience, I didn’t like California. The people were nice enough, the weather perfect, the area interesting and the food beyond delicious. It was a nice place to visit but I was secretly glad when Dean was not offered a full-time position at RAND.

The reason is probably silly, but I was quirky and that made me unique. I worried that if I moved to LA, where everyone was quirky, I’d be just average.

EMA seems to understand:

2 thoughts on “320/365 Los Angeles

  1. My sister did her residency equivalent in LA. She really thought she’d like California, but she soon realized she was an East Coast gal.

  2. How interesting! My impression of California has been that they’re quite conformist – everyone has to look great, have a tan and blond hair, etc etc.

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