309/365 England 1974

Being a fan of Gothic romances since the eighth grade, I dreamed of going to England someday. In 1974, as a junior in high school, I got my chance. Our school was participating in an exchange program with a group of students in Yorkshire.

Our trip was three weeks long, one week sight-seeing in London and two weeks in Yorkshire where we attended classes with our hosts.

Looking back, I feel as if I should have been more surprised that I’d suddenly found myself in another country, given the pedestrian life I’d lived so far.

3 thoughts on “309/365 England 1974

    • Mali — I am not sure how I felt. London was fun for me then. The last time I visited London (2002) I liked it much less than in 1974 and 1978. Hanging out in Yorkshire was great, since I’d fallen in love with one of the students. Jeremy was my first boyfriend, and that’s what I mostly remember — being in love for the first time. I remember being devastated when it was time to go home.

      But I didn’t feel that much different in England than I felt in the US.

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