156/365 Sleep, or lack thereof

The last time I remember getting a good night’s sleep was October 1990*. That was before pregnancy, before babies, toddlers, teenagers, ailing parents, work anxiety, husband’s Periodic Limb Movement Disorder**.

I rarely sleep through the night, usually getting up to read around 2 and finally going back to sleep at 4 or 5.

It’s not that I am tired during the day, but I wonder how much more energy I would have if I did sleep through the night, every night. Friends swear by ambien but I am not there yet.

*a little hyperbole
**Not diagnosed except by Dr. Google



5 thoughts on “156/365 Sleep, or lack thereof

  1. As much as I like the marital bed, it is a fact that sleeping with someone else leads to disturbed sleep. And women often suffer (it’s the snoring) – and we also suffer more from insomnia too. Sleep is really important. So solutions need to be found.

    My father had REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. My parents had to resort to separate beds as a result.

    Oh, and you’ve saved me from Googling Ambien, following the recent Ambien Tweeting Scandal. Thank you.

    • I would say “glad I am not alone” but I don’t mean it. I mean “sorry others suffer with me.”

      You’re welcome. Again I assumed ambien was universal.

  2. I tell my oldest child that I remember sleeping once, about eight months before he came into the world. He is unfazed. I don’t remember, really, what feeling rested was like, but I’m sure I’d recognize it if it ever happens again.

  3. My dad has the jimmy-legs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF_jThhciOQ). My mother read once that putting a bar of soap at the bottom of the bed would cure them, so she did, without telling him, and now she swears by it. I asked her to explain the mechanism by which such a thing would work and she rolled her eyes at me. She’s happy, and sleeping better, so I guess it doesn’t matter if it makes absolutely no sense to me.

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