8 thoughts on “164/365 House

  1. Sold! House prices in NZ are outrageous. Even with the exchange rate, in Auckland, that would be the “average” house price. I saw an apartment I’d love yesterday. $2.3 million. I’m not even going to say “pleeeeeeeaaaasssseeeee!”

    And yes, like Indigo, I’m not really poor, but I hate being poor.

    • It sounds like NZ prices are worse than DC prices. Our house has only 3 bedrooms, no view, no garage or even off-street parking and will sell for at least 200,000 more than the asking price for the home I whined about.

      • Buy the house then! And yes, Auckland prices are crazy. We wouldn’t be able to afford to move there (not that we want to), and certainly couldn’t buy an equivalent house there.

      • Ahh, I misread your comment I thought you were referring to where you currently live. My knowledge of NZ geography is woefully lacking.

  2. We are not ready to move yet. I was whining because I love the house but can’t have it.

    It is also impractical because there are no bedrooms on the main floor.

    It was a joke whine.

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