163/365 Apples

Add apples to the list of fruit I can no longer eat.

I took a few bites of an apple yesterday and felt that itching in my throat just like I felt with cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines.

Unless it was the avocado. I hope it was the apple though because I don’t really like apples.

9 thoughts on “163/365 Apples

  1. I had to laugh a little at your last sentence. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like apples. It sucks though that your fruit world is narrowing.


  2. I just have a hunch it’s the avocado. Only because of the other fruits on your list–they’re all stone fruits.

    I can’t do peaches anymore at all, too much swelling and burning and hives.


    • Yeah, I thought that too, but I tried more avocado yesterday and I didn’t have a reaction. I will try apple again today.

      I have been reading about this sort of allergy and it seems related to pollen allergies, not just stone fruit.


  3. Edgar Cayce said cooked apples are better for us anyway. Can you eat those other fruits cooked?
    The roof of my mouth has been itching on and off for a week, unrelated to anything I eat. ditto my nose. And I’ve been sneezing a lot. I don’t usually have pollen allergies, at least not like this. It’s a banner year.


    • Yes, I can eat cooked stone fruit. Raw pears can now be added to the list of food.

      Yes, the pollen has been awful this year. I think I am going to go to an allergist to figure out which pollen I am allergic to.


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