179/365 Not what I expected, but still annoying

Got my first email from the new task lead. He’s decided to call me “Miss Dona.” Ugh. I don’t remember that he was from the South, so it’s probably his way of being cute? Nice? Getting to know me?

So, should I send this or let him continue to call me Miss Dona?



11 thoughts on “179/365 Not what I expected, but still annoying

      • Oh, too bad, I really like your proposed reply… although it might have been more effective if you had ended it with three exclamation points instead of a period (along with the smiley face), just to let him know that you’re also a psychopath and can give as good as you get.

  1. The “miss” if he’s from the south or parts of the midwest is his attempt at being polite. Or he’s gay? Not to feed into stereotypes but I can hear many gay friends use “miss” like that.

    • I don’t know for sure where he grew up or if he is gay. I worked with him several years ago and don’t recall an accent or got any gay vibes. I think he thought it was cute to call me Miss Dona. He referred to a colleague I mentioned (who told me to say hello) as Miss [her last name] so it might just be a personal quirk.

  2. Definitely a southern thang, and Maryland is the northernmost point of the south…I hear this a lot here in my old hometown, and my bff’s in-their-late-20s daughters still call me Miss Indigo.

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