194/365 Authors I have stalked admired

It probably all began when Larry Woiwode visited my 6th grade class and said my question (What courses in college should I take to become an author?) was a very good question.

Then of course there was C.S. Lewis who I didn’t know had died long before I discovered Narnia. A few years after that I visited his home, church and grave.


I suppose Phyllis was next.

Then there was Neil Gaiman. I was never near his home, but I knew pretty much where it was because it was closeish to where my grandparents used to live in Wisconsin. I lost interest in him after he divorced his wife and married that singer.

Finally, I suppose I am a little interested in Jim Lynch who lives in Olympia and has written about that town a bit. My daughter has met him a couple of times. In fact just last night she forwarded me an email from him with an unpublished story attached about a young woman named Claire who loves to read and lives in Olympia. Even her bookstore is mentioned! Anyway, it would be fun to bump into him sometime in Olympia.

That’s it.

5 thoughts on “194/365 Authors I have stalked admired

  1. My mother the Bronte scholar took a whole day of her trip with my father to Scotland and northern England to visit where they lived. She sent me a postcard.

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