352/365 Ten things that piss me off

…in no particular order

  1. People saying “I just wrote a blog about…” when they should have said they “just wrote a blog POST about…”.
  2. People calling Facebook groups (or email lists) a “site” as in this recent conversation on a naturalist Facebook group: tempsnip
  3. The damn squirrel that eats all my birdseed
  4. My husband’s negative comments on clothes that I feel comfortable wearing
  5. December 1 – 24
  6. People second guessing me at work
  7. Jargon
  8. Having to use jargon to be understood at work
  9. The phrase “as per”
  10. A Charlie Brown Christmas music

2 thoughts on “352/365 Ten things that piss me off

  1. My mother would have agreed with you about Dec 1-24, though she’d have added Dec 25 too.
    I’m pretty sure I do #1 (in fact I know I do, because I did it a day or two ago, realised what I’d done, and couldn’t be bothered changing it), because I’m too lazy to write blog post, and I only write “post” on its own to people (like you) who would understand. Sorry.

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